UF MBA Supplemental Application Questions

Short Answer Questions
1000 character limit, including spaces, punctuation, etc..., for each question

  1. In order of importance to you, list significant extracurricular activities, professional associations, and civic organizations in which you have participated in school, work, or the community. Also please indicate years of participation and any leadership positions you held.

  2. List below any other interests, hobbies, or recreational activities you currently pursue in your free time.

  3. Please describe any academic, professional, or civic honors or awards you received, patents you've been issued, books you've authored, or any other significant accomplishments you would like the admissions committee to consider.

  4. Explain the primary factors that influenced your decision to apply to the UF MBA Program.

Essay Questions
5500 character limit, including spaces, punctuation, etc..., for each question

  1. Describe how you would like to see your career develop. Explain how your academic background, prior professional experience, and the UF MBA will help you achieve your career goals. If your career goals are international or you are an international student, please include as part of your career plan in what country or region you plan to seek employment following completion of the program.

  2. Full-Time MBA Applicants Only - Describe a success you achieved due to self-motivation, persistence, and hard work. What motivated you?

  3. Optional – Please share any additional information you think will assist the admissions committee in evaluating your application to the UF MBA Program.

When you have prepared and are ready to proceed, refer back to the email and click the unique link to your application in progress. If you have any questions about the application process, please email us at floridamba@warrington.ufl.edu

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